Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School!

At the Lower School, 太阳城集团官方网址导航专注于以一种既支持又挑战他们的方式来教育整个孩子,这对每个学生都是合适的. 太阳城集团官方网址导航相信,建立对学校和学习的积极态度同样重要, as it is to have strong academics. 太阳城集团官方网址导航很幸运能在一个强大的社区里这样做,每个成员都受到重视,上帝得到尊重.


Whole Child

太阳城集团官方网址导航相信并实践对整个孩子的基础教育:学术上, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

在硕士学校,太阳城集团官方网址导航很幸运能够教育整个孩子. 太阳城集团官方网址导航的学习方法使太阳城集团官方网址导航能够以一种鼓励他们在各种学科中努力成长并实现自己目标的方式来发展每个孩子,以鼓励他们的个人独特性. To ensure that this occurs, 太阳城集团官方网址导航的学生每周参加各种特殊活动,包括体育, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. 太阳城集团官方网址导航还确保学生每天有足够的时间吃午饭和休息, allowing them the opportunity for many different social interactions.

Physical Education

低年级的体育课程结合了传统的重点,如全面健身, skill development, sports/games exposure, healthy habits, 用包括领导力发展在内的前沿方法进行拉伸, social skills and behavioral goals, and a focus on encouraging a lifetime of fitness. 学生们面临的挑战是要更深入地了解自己的兴趣和未来将伴随他们的健康活动.

Visual Arts

低年级的美术室位于一个宽敞的工作室,配备了各种艺术学科,包括绘画, painting, printmaking and pottery. 自然主题往往是艺术作品的焦点,灵感来自太阳城集团官方网址导航独特的环境之美. As students enjoy creative experiences, 他们认识到每个人在学习过程中所能做出的特殊贡献. In art class we think deeply, 进行有意义的讨论并朝着精彩的创意设计解决方案工作. Children become equipped with concepts, vocabulary, techniques, skills, understandings in art history, and exposure to a variety of art forms. While delighting in stimulating art experiences offered in a safe, nurturing environment, they are developing confidence and ability to observe, critique, take risks and persevere. 太阳城集团官方网址导航对设计的关注提供了很多机会来思考造物主的工作, and recognize His unique design and plan for each life.  We celebrate our learning in an annual all-school Spring Art Show.

Performing Arts

Whether in the classroom or on stage, 学生们发现太阳城集团官方网址导航都可以用许多不同的方式学习音乐. 低年级的音乐课程主要借鉴了Orff Schulwerk和Kodály方法. These approaches teach music through the medium children know best – play! 强调民歌和运动创造了一个自然和快乐的课堂环境,培养音乐意识和敏感性, cultivating music literacy, and developing performance skills. From Early Kindergarten to Grade 5, students create, perform, respond, and make connections with the foundational elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, form, timbre, listening and appreciation, history, and instruments (pitched and non-pitched). 演出经历包括课堂、教堂、圣诞和春季音乐会.
The Master’s School is an independent, college-preparatory, 西辛姆斯伯里的一所无教派基督教日制学校,招收学龄前儿童至研究生, CT.


太阳城集团官方网址导航向所有合格的学生敞开大门,不分种族, color, national or ethnic origin, or religious affiliation. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national affiliation in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid, and other school-administered programs.